Match 2018’s terrific trends : unique hair 

Watch “Haircuts You’ll Be Asking For In 2018” on YouTube

You are gonna see these natural trends in upcoming fall starting from January 1 and stretching to the end of the year. All thanks to the damage people did to their hair just super hyped balayage and the furious pixie looks.

So if considering a need to visit saloon in coming days. First just go through this very skillfully predicted hair trends 2018 vedio. This might help you get the best of your barber and match the next year fashion all through. 
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PURRfect hairCATS

Cats have always been associated with seduction owing to their touchy walks and purrings. They are the most attractive faline creatures and as womens look double dazzling with good makeup and hair. Cats too can be spoiled with a bit of a grooming. Here are 5 hairdo which you would love to try if you own a wet nosed angel as well.

So, grab your scissors, coz here I am listing the 5 most fascinating hairstyles, we cant wait to try this year!!  
1. The Chipmunk

This sort of beauty could steal your heart away. No doubt atypical floffy percian would look greet but a groomed chipmunk look with heavy tail makes your cat stand out in crowd. This doubles the cuteness and makes her look more sexier than ever. 

2. Braids on cat hair

This type of cat perticularly could spot this stunning look and steal the show in an instant. A great way to give an amazing transformation with a little hard work and your cat is 100% ready to steal the show. 

3. The cute cuts

If you want to do a bit of experimenting, your cat cat don this amazing godzilla look and still look amazing. This is a great way show your inner creativity on your favorite pawed friends. 

4. The lion

With a thick grown mane on face and around neck and a bunch of hair at the end of the tail. This is how you tame your own lion in budget of a cat. Ofcourse this amazing look has got cat lovers bright eyed and bushy tailed. I would try this on my hairy devil any day. 

5. Christmast carol

This look has bearded look of a santa with boots too. A cute yet different look. But I am sure with all the festivities around, you would definitely want to give some grooming like this to your kitty cat. 
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A day in the life of a superhero 

Sidejobs are almost always quite daunting. And when you have a side job of being a superhero and main job as a reputed journalist, you can’t just prioritize. And then to bring balance in both professional and personal life, is every super hero’s biggest challenge. But for Superman nothing is too tough,  after all he is a ‘man of steel’ . 

It was sunday morning and today superman woke up normally, which was actually very abnormal for him. He was habitual of women screaming and villains launching robot attacks in the city. But today things were too quite. 

He waited 5 more minutes on his bed to believe, it was a pleasant day for real. He was waiting for a tiny screem from here or there, as he was already clothed in his super hero outfit from the previous day’s late night crime fighting. Which was too hectic that he hardly remember what time he slept last night. 5 minutes passed in peace and not a single cry was heard even from a distance. “This day,” he intuitively announced, “feels like a good day to me” . Obviously because it was almost 10 AM and noone had yet cried “help…” it was indeed going to be a full time holiday for this superhero. 

Superman thought to himself,” Today I am just going to enjoy myself because here is my chance to do what I want and the one thing I want right now is to send my stinky clothes to laundary. Not many people know this but fighting crime even makes superman’s clothes sweaty and he actually likes the smell of freshly laundered clothes. 

He thought, “It’s 11 and noone has yet called my name. This prooves it’s my lucky day, so I should make a list of my other important duties. So on top I’ll make a delicious breakfast for myself” . He pushed the knob and initiated ignition, placed a pan on it and took out some pancake mix. If not a reporter he would have surely applied for a chef’s position in oven fresh. But being a reporter has its own perks, he met Louis there, hence he is forever greatful to his snob boss. 

It took him 5 minutes to prepare pancakes, pouring honey on them, he sat down to dine. First he smelled the amazing aroma and then delicatly balancing one slice of honey laden goodness he parted his lips to taste the tasty pancakes. Then suddenly he heard someone raising an alarm. Another minute, the sound of a blast hit his ears. He left the piece of pancake stuck to the fork, in response to the emergency situation. He was conditioned to grab his suit and with in a fraction of second he was packed in his stinky clothes again. But leaving food on table appeared unmannerly to him. So he hastily ate all the pancakes without tasting them the way he planned earlier, like slowly and patiently. So in another few seconds he was already flying in the air to save many lives. 

He reached the spot where explosion took place, which was a laboratory, but luckily no one was hurt majorly. Superman made sure to remove every last person and animal from that building. And after making sure things were safe Superman flew homewards. Down on the empty street, he saw two truants putting graffiti on the walls. He glided down right behind them which startled the boys. Blasting their cans with lazor vision, he looked at them angrily scaring them. As they started begging him for mercy, superman took a promise from them that they would remove the graffiti before he returns. Both boys instantly started working. 

Then he head back to home. It was still a perfect day, he was still planning about his to do list. On his way back he thought he would make a call to his mom and later, he might ask for a dinner date from Louis, which he thought would be a the perfect end to a beautiful day. While flying over the big empire of Lex Luther. Right under him Luther was sitting in his chair and devising a plan to rule the world, superman just ignored and passed him to avoid any argument which might ruin his lucky day. 

He was two lane away from home when a faint sheik of an elderly woman was heard at a distance. Superman instantly changed his destination and flew to the north. Reaching there he found out it was a false alarm. Grandchildren only surprised their granny and she got excited. But since superman was there grandma made him wait for few seconds till she grabbed freshly baked cookies for him. Thanking her for all the love, superman took off from the ground. Then onwards he kept on flying from place to place helping people. His day began in New York, then he was helping people in India, his noon was in Alaska, evenening perhaps in Egypt and like this, saving the world, he reached back to his own city. When he heard batmobile picking up race on the lonely tracks he finally could think of some rest. 

Reaching home at 12, exhausted, he thought about asking louis for dinner, but it was already late for that. Droping every other plan he fell on his bed and made a call to his mother. Bell kept ringing by the time someone pick up the call our beloved super hero was already fallen asleep. His mother heard his snores and smiled on the other side of the phone. She wished him good night knowing that he is fine and missing her mother. 

If you have ever wondered how a superhero spends his day then this was all about an ordinary day in Superman’s life. Though,  how often he launders his clothes, still remains a mistery for many… 

Cross-cultural bride

When two different people with different cultures amalgamate, you are bound to get unexpected outcomes. Good or bad, traditional or untraditional and all the in betweens are as much a part of cross cultural marriages as any other thing.

Sometimes people have a readymade opinion about inter culture weddings but then one should always remember,” a bride is a bride”. She might be from any distant part of the world from any culture or religion, she is sacricing her own family to come into an unknown environment, specially if she is from another culture. So welcome her with a warm heart and open arms forgetting every bias associated with culture.

There will be some minor regional gaps to fill in but compassion can conquer them all. And what’s better gift can one give to their children then a lifepartner who will unconditionally love them.

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All the Shades of a Would be Bride! 

Idea of her wedding to a girl is as crazy as it sounds. It brings along a whirlpool of emotions with it’s inception and a golden glow that could surpass the most expensive facials in the entire universe.

 A bride to be experiences immense joy and sudden blues,  knowing she is about to elevate into another significant phase of her life. When she is happy she looks into mirror and admires her tulip cheeks and cherry lips. She would not stop day dreaming and dream about a rosy future with her groom at nights. Girls pass many days deciding their wedding dress or jewelry because being the most fair maiden of them all at her wedding becomes her only goal for the mean time.

At times a sense of nostalgia and upcoming responsibilities haunts her thoughts which brings sadness to her beautiful face. She sometimes wants to be left alone to enjoy the memories she had in her small room. She would cherish the existence of objects just lying there since ever.

A bride’s mind is the most exotic location one could ever visit. Her mind is full of shades of pink blue and gold.So today, we are about to take a sneak peak into such an unexplored destination and I promise this journey will be no less of an advanture than a bullet trip to ladakh. I am listing below 9 feelings every girl experiences around her Wedding.

  • A childhood fetish : believe it or not she was always dream for a prince charming, right from the day she came to hear of the word “marriage”.
    • Never ending dilemmas : When she is about to be married she is contantly confused about a lot of things, for instance if the dress she selected is good or may be the orange one was better. Also she often has the same thoughts about her groom. 
    • Bride’s Excitement: every one feels butterflies in their belly as the big day approaches, but a bride’s excitement , impatience and restlessness knows no bounds.   
    • Special time for bridesmaids : her bridesmaids look like ordinary girls but they are not that ordinary. In every wedding they are as special as the bride herself and are taken special care of, just like the beautiful bride, because they will walk by her side when she needs support. 
    • Shopping for herself : shopping for wedding is her exclusive and once in a lifetime opportunity for which no body will ever stop her. 
    • Dreamy courting phase : dating, never ending phone calles, late night future plans are all part of this most beautiful phase in a girls life. This is where she gets her natural blush right before the wedding bells ring for her. 
    • Fear of unknown : a dependent child at her home she is is going to step into the shoes of her elders with full responsibility on her little shoulders, such thoughts scare her at times. 
      • Post wedding preparations : between all sorts of emotions, a girl still buys the stuff she would require post wedding and prepares herself for the same. 
      • A femme fatale : on the day of her wedding she dresses to slay like a fatal seductress she pulls all attentions and keeps them to herself. 

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      You are not just a type of woman. Nothing can define unpredictable. YOU CAN BE NICE ONE DAY AND COMFERTABLE AND RESERVED ON THE NEXT AND A TOTALLY BOSSY AND CONFIDENT ON THE THIRD. that the unexpected you. You are a phenomenal person.

      You know you can’t spell HERO without HER Here’s a beautiful vedio for all the amazing ladies out there, shutting up the labels everyone puts on the ‘type’  of women.

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      10 Common kitchen eatables that are toxic for you. 

      It’s an amazing piece of information. The vedio labels top ten foods that can kill you is aptly correct and we shouldn’t unhear such warning vedios in the first place. 

      If we love ourself we should be aware of the common kitchen foods that sometime due to peculiar reasons can harm us or even kill us. Not to forget that health is wealth. And when it comes to knowing hazards from our own surroundings we should never miss an opportunity, not today and not any day after. 

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      List of major theorists and school of thoughts

      Structuralism :- started in 20th century with works of Ferdinand de Sassure’s ( Course in General Linguistics) based on notes compilation by his students. Term first appears in French anthropologist Claude Levi Strauss. He defined structuralism as “the search for the underlying patterns of thought in all forms of human activity.”

      1. Rassian formalism
      2. The prague school
      3. Semiotics 
      4. Structuralist narratology

      Psychoanalytic Criticism

      American Deconstruction

      Post structuralism : Post-Structuralism is a late 20th Century movement in philosophy and literary criticism, which is difficult to summarize but which generally defines itself in its opposition to the popular Structuralism movement which preceded it in 1950s and 1960s France.

      Archetypal Criticism


      Lesbian and Gay Theories

      1. Social constructivism
      2. Queer Theory

      Ecocriticism and environmental literary studies

      Technocriticism : Technocriticism is a branch of critical theory devoted to the study of technological change.

      Figures engaged in technocritical scholarship and theory include Donna Haraway and Bruno Latour(who work in the closely related field of science studies), N. Katherine Hayles (who works in the field of Literature and Science), Phil Agree and Mark Poster (who works in intellectual history), Marshall McLuhan and Friedrich Kittler (who work in the closely related field of media studies), Susan Squier and Richard Doyle (who work in the closely related field of medical sociology), and Hannah ArendtWalter BenjaminMartin Heidegger, and Michel Foucault (who sometimes wrote about the philosophy of technology). Technocriticism can be juxtaposed with a number of other innovative interdisciplinary areas of scholarship which have surfaced in recent years such as technoscience and technoethics.


      Post modernism


      Cultural Studies

      1. New historicism: The term New Historicism was coined by Stephen Greenblatt around 1980s. J.W. Lever and Jonathan Dollimore are two practitioners of this theory.
      2. Cultural materialism : The origin of cultural materialism can be traced back to work of the left-wing literary critic Raymond Williams, who coined the term cultural materialism.

        African American Aesthetic and Literary Theory

        Dialogic Criticism : Dialogic criticism is a method of understanding literature that draws meaning from the interplay of several disparate voices. At the heart of Bakhtin’s approach is the idea that no one perspective or voice holds a monopoly on truth. Dialogic criticism is intertwined with the concept of heteroglossia, the idea that any text or artistic work contains multiple viewpoints. 

        Hermeneutics : Hermeneutics: This is the study of the theoryand methodology of interpretation. … Generally, traditional hermeneutics is the science of interpretation of texts in the fields of law, religion and literatureHermeneuticscovers all versions of interpretative process of written verbal and non-verbal communications.

        Speech-Act Theory 
        Post Colonial Criticism : Hermeneutics: This is the study of the theoryand methodology of interpretation. … Generally, traditional hermeneutics is the science of interpretation of texts in the fields of law, religion and literatureHermeneuticscovers all versions of interpretative process of written verbal and non-verbal communications.

        Phelomenological Criticism : Phenomenology is a method of Literary Criticism which inspects the text without presuppositions about ontology or epistemology. (Ontology is the theory of the nature of being, Epistemology that of the nature of knowledge). Phenomenological Criticism.Phenomenology is a method of LiteraryCriticism which inspects the text without presuppositions about ontology or epistemology. (Ontology is the theory of the nature of being, Epistemology that of the nature of knowledge).

        Reader Response Theory 

        1. Reception theory