Art Garden Succulents 

We admire the fairylike beauty in natural objects that delight us. One such naturally occuring thing of beauty is a succulent plant which owing to its vast possibilities of plantation and unique appearance stands out amoung the other garden plants.

Succulents are plants that have thick leaves and can retain water. Some of these plants are cactus and aloevera. These are vibrant beautiful and quite good for decoration due to the unique appearance. They also have wide flowering seasons so a succulent garden is always colourful in most months of the year. 

Additionally propagation of succulents is also very easy and they don’t require too much of caring either. All this makes it best plant ever for a nature lover’s home decore. 

Let me quickly list some home decore ideas with succulent plants for you to organise your own artistic garden.

1. Bowls or planters

2. Open garden 

3. Using cups as planters

4. DIY Home Decore with useless or obsolete objects

5. Kokedama technique hanging  garden

6. Kokedama technique non hanging planter

So here’s all for today hope you liked the concept of using succulents to bring unique freshness in your own garden. If you want any related information feel free to tell me and do like and share to this amazing little blog of mine here! 


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