Verse: How! I can’t believe 

Dear friends let me take the liberty of putting my self composed poetry in this blog. It would be amuzing to find that you enjoyed this piece of composition. Also forgive me if this doesn’t match the expected standard. But believe me I have put my heart into it. 

How! I can’t believe 
That the loss of you, till now,
Isn’t able to shroud 
A single piece of my thoughts…

How you laugh and fight 
And tease me everyday
Without failing to bring 
some tears to my widowed eyes…

For certainly you lived in me as 
Not a stranger, but 
A piece of my very own flesh 
known to this world as heart…

I miss how I held you 
with my little rusted hands
Too feebly that you tore free
Effortlessly in a jiffy…

And I watched in pain 
Of seeing you disappear 
Like it was a nightmare, in which
You were a beautiful dream…


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