Most Enriching Books: soulfood

Top 10 ten ground breaking non-fiction works which stirred up human existence in the timeline of history. Doesn’t matter if you are a big fan of history or totally dispise the subject, but I am more than sure that you will take a back seat from your schedule and read some of this brilliant literature. 

So here are the top 10 picks on fairycrush. Hope you like most of them.

  • Thus spake zarathustra: In this great Political book Nietzsche brings forth his philosophy that says God is Dead. You can read the brilliant book and find out what this means and why. A great book for every relegion and non religion. Whith an amazing modern art front cover, here’s my personal favourite…
  • The symposium : Coming to philosophy, this great book by ancient philosopher Plato enlightens us about the nature of Love. The subject of this piece is a lively dinner party debate and with its amazing sentence structure I am sure you will enjoy it. Its Greek cover certainly appeals the Hellenism lovers to a great degree. Here’s a glimpse 
  • The female Eunuch: Germaine Greer wrote this powerful feminist text to showcase how Male Society Represses the Sexuality of Women. The book cover never failed her to represent her ideas.
  • The uses of Enchantment : Bruno Bettelheim sheds some light on the darkness of fairytales. This literary text dissects the children books with all its capacity into the matter. Cover representing the well known fable The little red riding hood.
  • Leviathan : If we talk about morals, this giant by Thomas Hobbes is the best political tract to rely on. It tells that absolute power should be excercised to prevent life from being nasty, brutish and short. The cover itself is magnificent.
  • Interpretation of dreams : Psychological text by Sigmund Freud gives meanings to things we see in our dreams. You might thoroughly enjoy this masterpiece. The cover effectively managed to justify the title of the book.
  • De profundis : Oscar Wilde‘s memoir has an element of surprise for some as he has shared his experiences of the prison years at reading gaol and his intimate affair with Alfred daughlass.
  • In cold blood: This one is nothing less than a gem in the darkness. It is Truman Capote‘s account of a brutal murder in cansas. A captivating book with a Simple cover and a stark title. 
  • The golden bough: James George Frazer shares elements of world relegions, suggesting that all of them originated from fertility cults. Must read to dig more interesting information about history of relegions around the world. Cover is open to interpretation. Have a look.
  • Silent spring: If you are an environmentalist you can clutch on to the copy of this book by Rachel Carson about effects of pesticides. The epical book written in 1962 launched the Environment movement in USA. Although there’s no fancy cover for this masterpiece.
  • Goodbye to all that: this autobiography cum war literature by Robert graves is a bookshelf essential renown writer Robert Graves. Along with his early life and marriage it tell about the brutalities of first world war. Cover is shown depicting war time activities.

    These are a few handpicked one’s to begin with not to forget that the ocean of literature is too vast and abundant. Will come up with more interesting book lists for great readers. Hope this was helpful so stay hooked to fairycrush for more…


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