Do you feel tired and drained from the accumulation of stress from day to day life?  Does your body crave for something refreshing like a stroll near the ocean or a tracking expedition but you are too stuck in your work for achieving a gratifying life?

If you can say yes to both of these questions then you need this one easy solution for all your quests. 

Yog is the only cure for all stress, pain and illness in today’s lifestyle. 

People keep on transfering their own stress to their subordinates and don’t hesisate in hurting other’s feelings. By then end of our day we feel like an emotional garbage. We start becoming burdened by the increasing pressures from our environment that our aura becomes dull and energyless with the passage of time. We enjoy less and become sad and anxious by living such a dull life. 

In these hard times yoga replanishes us and makes our core stronger, our emotions get managed and health improves. 

As human body is built precisely to grow flexible instead of muscles, yoga is far more ideal excercise than rigorous workouts.

This article will tell you why and how to do yoga. Read till the last to know the secret yoga techniques that are perfection in themselves.

To appreciate yoga better let’s break some common myths about yoga..

  • It doesn’t make you thin, it only highlights a fitter natural body shape.
  • It is not meant for elders only and not at all boring.
  • Yoga is not just for Indophiles. It is not culture specific.
  • While any other form of excercise tires you out, it’s not the case with yoga. Infant yoga magically reenergizes the body.
  • Yoga does not consume much time. There are concepts like 5 minutes yoga.

After this tiny myth buster session we shall move on to the significance of yog in our life.

  1. Makes you confident: top priority for teenagers. You are mostly unconfident because of a poor body image. Do try yoga. It helps improve the posture and retaining a perfect natural figure.
  2. Strenthens the familial bonds: practicing yoga with your family members and specially you children helps in strengethening the beautiful bond between you and your loved ones.
  3. Cures health issues: almost all sort of medical issues can be cured by doing yoga. And eating healthy organic food. You can always learn what kind of yoga is good for the ussues you are dealing.
  4. Brings glow on your face: it is said if you do yoga you dont need botox. This is true, no joking. Yoga everyday as a habit improves your appearance not just for present and future.
  5. Helps with mental health: yoga helps keeping you healthy and fit. A fit body assures a healthy mind. Yoga also reduces stressand increases learning power. 

I think now we just need to know how to do it in an easy way. So here are some of the all time famous simple yoga techniques people all over the world are using to stay fit and running.

1 SURYA NAMASKAR/ SUN SALUTATION- These are a series of 10 yog mudras which are done simultaneously one after another at the first glance of sun. It is assumed to be all in one excercise hardly takes 1 minute. You can repeat 5 times or 50 times as per your capacity. It keeps you fit along with instilling the habbit of waking up early hence curing lethargy.

2 THOPPUKARANAM/ SUPER BRAIN YOGA- Its easy but curative. Best for students as it improves concentration and retention of the mind. Do it every day ritually to get the best results.

3 KAPALBHATI/ EQUAL BREATHING- Cures breathing related issues. With caution and proper guidance under a yoga expert, this yoga technique brings glow on your body and improves health specially good for curing asthma and reducing belly fat.

Caution: Always follow caution while learning a new technique. Expert guidance is a must for yoga. Never over do it. If it tires you then you are doing it wrong. Drink alot of water and eat healthy food for optimum health recovery and boost. Feel the sensations in your body after each yoga sessions for a gratifying experience. 


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